February 22 - 25, 2018, Belgrade Fair


Uniray company from Belgrade, a participant in the International Fair of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment, will feature for the first time in Serbia the greatest global brand of towels intended for the HORECA sector – those signed as Chicopee.

This manufacturer’s brand is owned by Berry Plastics company, the biggest global manufacturer of non-woven textiles and towels, claiming for their products to be the proof that “also towels may be an artwork”.

The Coffee Towel will be featured to the Fair visitors for the first time as the only towel at the market designed to wipe coffee machines. It is resistant to the temperatures up to 250 degrees, has got the certificate from the best known global laboratories it may be in touch with food and it may be washed 40 times at the temperature of 90 degrees.

The offer will also include the best antibacterial microfiber towel; the best one for wiping of tables and working surfaces, especially branded for each buyer; J-cloths; Multipurpose Super towels; as well as the practical Microfiber Light Towel.


Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria will also feature their work at the Tourism Fair, based upon the three main principles – effectiveness, transparency and benefits for business and society.

The Ministry’s priority is to create the necessary conditions for stable tourism growth, but also coordination of the tourism economy with Bulgarian laws. Creation of a competitive tourism economy. Which will contribute to better life, is also one of the goals of the Ministry of Tourism. The tourism development will be contributed also by sustainable production, increased productivity and competitiveness and these sections are based upon advanced technologies, innovation and modern industrial production.

Beside the advancement of the national tourism economy, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria also creates conditions for the global growth and sustainable industrial clusters creation. It works continuously also on the creation of more investment-friendly environment for investment into this economic branch – bureaucracy is reduced, the procedures for business are simple and transparent and the entrepreneurs have got more effective management of their business.


At the 39th International Tourism Fair, the Russian Regions attend it for the first time at the mutual booth. Several regions feature their potentials this year – Kaluga, Vladimir, Vologda, Moscow, Yaroslawl and the Komi Republic.

In addition to this, their objective is contact establishing with professional Tourism Organizations and getting acquainted with the new tourism products that may contribute also to higher tourist visit to Russia.

The participants will pay great attention to the environmental, etnographic, Arctic, cultural / educational, pilgrimage and children tourism. They also prepare promotions of travel tours and events “The Silver Necklace of Russia”, “Russia – The Birth Place of Astronomy” and will celebrate a half of century of “The Golden Ring”.

The Russian exhibitors will offer the Fair visitors advertising leaflets in Serbian language and film reports of various destinations and unlimited tourism possibilities of Russia will be shown at the booth.

The Russian exhibitors suggest to the representatives of the tourism industry from other countries to attend many presentations, thematic round table conferences and the delicate hour of Maslenitsa. There is also the possibility of the individual meeting appointment with the exhibitors, Russian booth participants (the appointment e-mail address is luxury@euroexpo.ru).


A travel agency specialized in tourist reception in Cyprus. It cooperates with the biggest European travel agencies and also has got a successful cooperation with those from Serbia, as well.

Dionysos Travel & Tours is the agency through which the tourists may book accommodation in all hotels at the best prices, but also to organize transfer from the airport to the hotel. The agency organizes local excursions in Cyprus, jeep safari in the mountain areas of Troodos coast visits and the coast cities of Cyprus by ships and yachts, excursions to the famous archaeological findings, picnics at the most popular travel destinations Aphrodite Waterpark, Troodos mountain and Kykkos Monastery). The guests may also attend a diving school and book time for golf.

The offer includes also teambuilding for football teams in the winter period, cruising to Israel, Egypt and Greek islands. Upon the guests’ request, the agency also organizes wedding parties at the locations selected by the clients – beaches, hotels, churches.


“Wake up every morning in another city” is the slogan of Montenegrin travel agency Allegra, offering exclusive cruising on all global seas. The agency cooperates with the largest and best known global companies – Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Costa Cruises, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises.., and directly connects big companies with the clients. The Allegra cruising prices are adapted to the local market and they are very often lower than the catalogue ones.

Allegra organizes travels where Mediterranean, Caribe, South America, Northern Europe may be explored, visit Dubai or have a world tour. In addition to the group cruising, the offer includes also the individual one. Within them, the tourists are offered also air transport, transfer to the departure harbor or car parking booking.


Beside its traditional offer, Air Serbia will separately promote at this year’s Tourism Fair its two latest facilitations – Elevate Play service and Etihad Guest Programme.

Elevate Play – Air Serbia introduced at its flights the service of entertainment features loading and reproduction. The new service enables passengers to enjoy a wide range of Serbian and international films, TV shows and music albums through the wireless connection at their laptops, mobile and smart devices. In order to access this service, the passengers using Android or Apple devices should download the Elevate Play application, before the flight or during it, while the guests having laptop computers should download the plug-in program for browsers. The service has been introduced at all A319 and A320 airplanes and may be used now at the flights between Belgrade and Abu Dhabi, London, Moscow and Paris, as well as other lines using these types of airplanes. In addition to this free service, the passengers may pay the service of the Internet and mobile phone use during the flights. It is called Wi-Fly and enables the users to remain in touch with their families and friends, to browse at the Internet and use social networks during the flight.

Etihad Guest Programme – has already got almost 100 thousand members and will be featured to the Fair visitors in details. This is the loyalty reward to the frequent passengers of the airlines Air Serbia and Etihad Airways, including seven airlines. The guests with the relevant status within the program will be able to enjoy many facilitations – priority during the check-in at special desks, higher access to the lounges, additional luggage and other facilitations. By their application for the Etihad Guest Programme, the often flying passengers have got the possibility of “mileage” – with the increase of the used miles they advance through the programme statuses and the facilitations during the travel become more accessible. The members may use mileage also for rising to the higher flying class or replacement for luxurious products at Online Reward Shop. There is also the possibility of family membership and the additional mileage percentage may be acquired depending upon the Etihad Guest Status, as well.

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